PVPON is a webpage for hardcore PVP players who likes the stuff about the newest pvp content of popular pvp games, follow our progress of maximum ownage and participate to events where you can win prices! This is where we are building our community, we want to grow a huge crowd of REAL PVP lovers.

Our core mission is to help everyone associated with our community to become the strongest versions of themselves, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

We take pride in creating a culture where nothing is primary over attitude. Our players and staff are the most driven and passionate in the PvP industry. We’re a community that is focused on execution above all else. We know that working hard is the largest competitive advantage you can have.

The founding principle of “PVPON” is our deep connection with our supporters. We keep this alive by constantly searching for ways to connect our fans with us.
Through our social channels we follow the journey of our players and tell their story. We connect supporters with meaningful moments.
We host special events and build unique portals for our supporters to engage with our esports teams.

Follow our social media pages for more Information about our growth and upcoming events!
Twitter: twitter.com/pvponeu
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/ZTJqZMd

Contact us: info@pvpon.eu