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Sexy fun inadvertantly exposed. A curious daughter. An adventurous wife. A sneaky plan. What a lucky dad.

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Firstly you need decent hair. Andy, you can have black, and Jon you can be blonde. Andy also looked uncomfortable in his, but we both had asstr games out that all this was worth it to avoid the photos being made public. Firstly, Andy and I were dressed in school-girls clothes, and made to dance around to Britney Spears music, which the girls found hilarious.

Then, when they had had enough, they decided we needed to be a lot more posh, so gave us posh prom-style dresses to wear, and told us to strut our stuff. The dress i had been given to wear was pink, and had straps over my shoulders and also had no back.

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It was quite long, and i tripped over the bottom of it as i walked around. After about ten minutes of parading around the girls got tired, and decided it was time to restart the film. I was more than ready for a rest, and was looking forward to getting back into my own clothes. Think asstr games can run away with my clothes do you? You really like them that much huh? Before i could spit them out, Laura had taken a roll of duct tape and wrapped it over my mouth, and round my head several times.

Laura then gentil pushed me to the ground, and tied my ankles together.

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She then looped rope between my hands and then between my ankles and completed the hogtie. I was gagged and helpless, and by the mmphing noises from across the room, so was Andy. I tried struggling, but all that achieved was dislodging the straps of the dress off my shoulders so it began slipping down to reveal the black bra, and also shifting the wig, so the blonde hair draped across my face, getting in my eyes. During the rest of the film, they took turns to reach down and tickle us, and when they removed our socks so they could get to our feet to tickle them, they realised they hadnt painted our tonails.

Andy and I just groaned under our gags. The girls rolled us onto our sides, to get easier access to our nails, and begun painting them. They paused the film again, so they wouldnt miss asstr games, and settled down to painting our nails.

They put several coats on, claiming that no-one sees the toenails anyway, so it doesnt matter if it comes off quickly or not. They also made us promise that we would go round to Jens house the following weekend and show our toenails to them, before we could have the photos.

Andy and i remained tied up, and dressed up for the whole night, and were only untied and allowed to change back the next morning, after the girls had fed us breakfast. We also discovered that the girls had hidden our boxers, or as i suspect, they had kept them as a asstr games so we had to wear the panties back to our respective homes.

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We swore we would have our revenge, but first we would need those photos back, to avoid asstr games embarrassment at school! To Jon: hey great story jon just there's one thing I need you to clarify, Are you sure you had to wear the panties the rest of that day because last i checked there was a part of one of my stories that had almost that same ending please tell me. I know it is similar to your story, that's asstr games what reminded me anyway. I suppose it goes to show girls minds are quite alike when it comes to cunning tricks like that!!!

Renee, If you don't mind hearing stories about a girl capturing a guy and tickling his feet from the victim's guy's perspective, I have a few from my high school days. Let me know. Enjoy a guy unsuspectedly having his shoe s removed and feet tickled.

Please post. I glad you changed your pseudonym. Anyway, hope you can share more stories. Now if you have the time, could I request that you list down all of the codes, so that I would know how to use them. And one more thing, doing so would not only serve me, but would also make other people in this forum who is afraid to ask but wants to know the various HTML and SHTML codes happy.

Thank you. First of all, thanks for your complement. With regards to crossed or palm to palm types the or is purposely stressedI agree that it was contradictory. But I would say that ours is neither. To explain it would be a complicated matter. But here goes. Well, when we experimented back in the spring, we decided that tying them palm to palm, which as you said, is parallel, and also crossed, which as you said, the palms faced outward.

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Well, based on our experiences, we concluded for no good reason actually that it is easier to escape from palm to palm than crossed. So in the interest of good tying, we decided it would be crossed.

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So we used crossed wrists most often and only palm to palm rarely. But a problem soon arose.

Index of /

We soon discovered that crossed wrists with palms facing outward have a danger of cutting off circulation. Now not all of us then were good knot-tyiers so we had to device a way. Then we discovered that if we would invert crossed wrists so that the palms would face inward and thus be palm to palm, it would remove all dangers from cut-off circulation.

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So from then on, we most frequently use the technique crossed and palm to palm again, the and is purposely stressed instead of having to choose either crossed or palm to palm. Again, the or is stressed. I was quite effective, but it is very difficult to be placed into position if the prisoner is struggling. From outside observers, crossed and palm to palm again, the and is purposely stressed would appear contradictory, but from our viewpoint, it is complementary.

Hopes that answers it all. I wished I had answered it earlier in one of my stories, but until now, I saw no contradiction between the two, until you of course enlightened me that that is not the case. To Tommy By all s post it. You are not the only author to post here of the same topic. If you read the archives, which is very laborious if you started from scratch like I did on April, but worth it when you read the stories you will find dozens, nay scores of stories just like yours. One of my favorites is a post by a guy named L who posted a story in I forgot the asstr games and was reposted in Septemberwho wrote a story called Tortured by Claudia, which talks about Claudia tying up and tickling L until L was forced asstr games reveal a secret he was sworn to protect.

Post, post and post!

Unscramble asstr

To readers Well, I'm going to post another two of my long stories. So sit back on your chair and enjoy, for as usual, both are long! Sorry about that.

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Next time, I will post more carefully to avoid such mistakes. The plan was successful. We were able to catch Andrew by luring him upstairs, then David when he suddenly and unexpectedly barged in. We then went downstairs, grabbed and tied-up Robert and Jerry. After which we marched them upstairs. We then tickled them, and when we left, they were not able to escape. Thus we won our Sixth Victory in a row, and our tenth total victory since our games started on the spring.

Angela took it. Ask her!

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Angela promptly returned it. Surprisingly, considering what just happened, Andrew lent it to me. But before I could read it, we have to eat dinner. It was eight in the evening already, so we went down to the dining area where we ate dinner. We boasted to our parents, while our opponents tried to downplay their defeat. Anyway, our parents just listened to us and on occasion ignored us. They scolded some of us for talking with a full mouth, and for our dreadful conduct at dinner, but not on playing the tie-up game.