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I would like erotic text adventure games men who wants emotions

If s computer ownership had been limited to hobbyists who built and programmed their own machines, the s were reeling in a new world of potential, non-specialist users: small business owners, housewives, children.

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Suggest updated description. Still can have great audio and visuals, though! Explore games tagged Erotic and Text based on itch.

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You are Alex, a poor student that decides to take a summer job working as a receptionist at the Crooked Elm, a hotel in a faraway mountain village deep in the Transylvanian region. In Sex still sells. You live in a city in which your SSR, social security rating, determines where you can go, what you can do and who you can see.

Text based

Will you champion the cause of revolution? Those resistance girls are hot. Cursed by the Demon King, Aura must now struggle every night to track down her nemesis and ultimately strike him down. Faced with a two-pronged attack against her body and mind, can Aura finish off her worst enemy without losing herself? The game features themes of corruption, brainwashing, mental changes, possession, mind control, and NTR. Torei, a planet as reclusive as it is infamous, has opened itself to the galaxy. Known for its cultural inclination towards bondage, slavery, and the glossy material known as laminate, travelers are cautioned to be wary while on the surface— some say the allure of a collar can surprise even the strongest willed, but many others simply find themselves caught in a system seemingly deed to enslave.

And you just woke up in a Torean hotel, memory full of holes, without a credit to your name. In this game you start playing as a young and successful businessman who has made a fortune not entirely legally. However, illegal business involves a lot of possible problems that our main character will face. Our main character has a best friend named Ashley, with whom they often see and spend time together.

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At one of these meetings, they together decided to visit the Museum of Historical Values and in this game you will find out what this tour led to. How will your actions change your companions and your relationships with them? Will they end up in your clutches?

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Or will you end up in theirs? This is a story about ordinary life. About the lives of two people.

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About the life of a brother and sister. The main character you lives all his life only for the sake of his sister, Melania. They are ordinary people.

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But their fate is a little different from everyday life. Melania and the main character you grew up in an orphanage.

They are used to always rely only on themselves and take care of each other. This situation made them special people.

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They are strong and confident in each other. But their souls are like a caged animal.

All web based text based adult games

Real life seems difficult and emotionally difficult for them. The moment came when they grew up. The orphanage provided them with money for three months. Now, the main character you and Melania live only counting on each other.

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The story begins. The story is about two people who begin to learn all the charms and complexities of the real world. A world where everything is not so simple. A world where your hopes depend only on you. A story about love, drugs, the consequences of thoughts and choices.

Remember, this story is not about something easy and happy. The plot of the game will tell you the lives of people. And not the fact that it will be a life filled with light, laughter and smiles. I want to show and tell all the complexities and dark sides of our existence.

All web based text based adult games

In this story, you will play the role of a young man lusting after his own landlady. The story follows a daily loop in which you are free to roam around the house, so do not worry about missing or failing an option today, because you can have a go at it tomorrow. Each action will help you progress and unlock new, more enticing actions. While all choices matter, some have effect immediately, some after a while, some permanently affect the game.

The odd history of the first erotic computer game

Welcome to AdultGameList. If you are new here, feel free to register to enjoy exclusive features and apps only available to registered users. Also check out below links for more resources. Divine Dawn is a text-based RPG in which you step into the role of a would-be hero, with dreams of greatness and no likelihood of achieving any of them in a peaceful world with no real genocidal threats.

All web based text based adult games

Then you nearly die several times in a row, discover traces of an ancient mystery and possibly impending doom, and go on a road trip with colorful cast of comrades to save the world! Can you make it off planet? Do you want to? Older posts.