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If you played a text-based adventure game, you've played interactive fiction IFa style of game made popular by Infocom.

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The Merging is a fetish game based on the concept of merging, absorbtion and transformation. It is not intended for younger audiances.

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Leave if you are under It was built using Undum. Undum source code here. In Undum, all interaction takes place in a situation. You can think of it either as a 'Room' in traditional interactive fiction although it is less flexible than thator as a '' in a Choose Your Own Adventure book though it is more flexible than that.

At any point, the character is in exactly one situation, and that situation is responsible for everything that happens to them. Situations are chunks of code that generate the output you are reading here. For example, this text was generated by the enter method of the 'situations' situation. The only piece of the UI we haven't talked about is the 'Save' and 'Erase' buttons on the left panel. These are only visible if your browser supports client-side data storage.

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Clicking 'Save' stores your game, so you can pick it up again later. There is currently no 'Load' button, the game lo when the lo. There is also no way to save multiple games, and select which one you want to play. These are both things I'd like to change in the future.

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Potentially your game could generate huge amounts of text. And that would be difficult to store client side there are unpredictable limitsespecially when we move towards having multiple save files. So instead Undum saves your character as the list of links you clicked. Loading a save-file consists of playing through your game again, quickly.

This is a beneficial approach for debugging too. It means when you're polishing and correcting typos, you can save and load the game and scroll through the transcript to see your corrections.

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If we saved the text, your save file would have the error in it and you'd have to manually replay the game to see the correction. When you're writing an Undum game, you often need certain options to be available only when certain conditions hold.

You might have an option to remove a secret panel in a haunted house, but that should only be visible if the character knows where it is. If options are available in lots of situations, it can be very difficult to keep track of what options are allowed, and to produce just the right list of choices.

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To help with this, Undum can generate a list of situation links for you. It does this in three steps. Firstly, each situation can be given one or more tags, this allows you to easily ask for links to all situations with the 'in-hallway' tag, for example.

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Secondly, situations can have a canView method, which gets to decide whether that situation should appear. That method can look at the current state of the character to decide whether to appear or not. Thirdly, SimpleSituation s have a choices option. If it is set to one or more tags, it handles the building of the choice list.

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You've seen this already in the topic list. The topic list is generated automatically. All of the situations in the topic list are always available, however.

The underworld: a transformation game

So here is an example of automatic options that may change:. You can return to the Topic List or choose another option from this example:.

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Undum Menu. The Merging The Merging is a fetish game based on the concept of merging, absorbtion and transformation.

Plump furry adult interactive fiction

Save Erase. Content belongs to Xeylef. Created with Undum. Situations In Undum, all interaction takes place in a situation. Let's move on again.

The underworld: a transformation game

Saving and Loading The only piece of the UI we haven't talked about is the 'Save' and 'Erase' buttons on the left panel. Let's return to the topic list. Locations Choose a destination.