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Hi there! This will be done until closer to rewards fulfillment time as addresses and such can change often.

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Posted on November 4, by pokeninja Giving you guys a chance to get to know the developers that spend so much time carefully crafting the games you enjoy. Last time, I spoke with members of the Nochi Studios team โ€”the team behind the mobile otome game Sifting Thyme and the upcoming magitech isekai romance game Somnium Eleven.

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Hi there! This will be done until closer to rewards fulfillment time as addresses and such can change often. Anyway, park3 event is triggered by spending time with Tocchan in park, while agency5 and agency6 in agency. The rest of the places don't matter. Well, did you encounter those events I mentioned above? If you encounter these events, then you should be able to trigger ending just fine. I think that's unlocked during visiting the family event, which is auto-triggered on Sept Maybe you forgot to spend time with him in the park?

Anyway, the agency5's event requirement is to see park3's event beforehand. After becoming lovers, you should still spend time with Tocchan in the agency. At some point, he should be asked to return back to his job, and MC can pick a choice meyaoi games either letting him back or not.

Meyaoi games

Are you playing demo or full version? Demo hasn't been updated in a long time, so there's an error here and there. The errors shouldn't persist in full version of the game. According to the screenshot of the error, you two are probably playing demo version. I purposely removed that scene from the demo.

It's in the plan, yes, but probably months after the PC release since there will be some changes needed to port to mobile. The Q1 etc is meyaoi games expected timeframe of update. As long as you get beta access, you will get to download all versions of update.

- routine messages -

For the interview, there's no need for you to give the voice. I usually only ask for you to specify the rough personality for the character you de and write dialogues based on that set personality.

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As for beta estimate, the first route beta Moocha's route is planned to be end of to early might be leaning more to early Hi there, the "Version 2" is just the annotation for the build version, it doesn't have any difference the version 2 just occurred because I made a mistake and reed the placeholder file.

You can download the demo and check if it works with your PC. If it runs well, full version will run okay as well.

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Yeah, it should support Windows 32bit and 64bitMac probably not the Catalina version, thoughand Linux. Hi there. If via itch. Checked both occasions on a fresh play-through and it didn't have an error. And yeah, the new version doesn't really work well with the older saves bcs there are lots of changes behind-the-scene :x. If it's the former, save files in older versions are incompatible with the latest one demo save files included, because that one hasn't been updated meyaoi games due to the many changes to accommodate Android version.

Oh, you need to increase your affection to caring level. Affection can be increased by donating at the shrine.

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Hey there, beta access period hasn't started yet. What do you mean by "many pants I can only see 1 of them"? I can't seem to reproduce bugs for these two.

Log in Register. Indie game store Free games Fun games Horror games. More Block. Creator of. Add to collection. Meyaoi Games. After stories episodes for Seiyuu Danshi episodes are obtained by becoming a Patreon.

Meyaoi games

BL dating sim with reversible roles. Meyaoi Games 15 days ago. Demo hasn't been updated. Thank you for the support!

For download links and how-to-install, please check our patreon down below.

Hope that answers your question :. Meyaoi Games 39 days ago. Yeah, the CG for that scene isn't available in demo version.

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Meyaoi Games 80 days ago. Did you get the park3 event? Anyway, the event that determines ending is these two events during agency. Then, did you see this one? Did you see any of these events? The scene's spending time at the agency, not the mart or phone at night. Meyaoi Games days ago. Well yeah.


Demo is just that, demo. You aren't meant to play further than February.

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It's gonna be Moocha the cow :. Meyaoi Games days ago 1 edit. You can try e-mailing support itch. Maybe they missed the e-mail. There won't be any chibi sex scene in this game. The BL job scene isn't available in demo version. First release of beta is estimated to be Q1 Moocha route. For Pre-order: gets to play the final version of the game. Hope that helps!

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Physical version is available for the higher tier. Made itch. It's a paid game. Meyaoi Games 1 year ago. Physical items will be delivered several months after the final game release.

Preview of april โ€™s patreon-exclusive seiyuu danshi after story episode ๐Ÿ˜„

If it's the latter, do you remember when it happened? Ah, okay I get it for the pants one. For the screenshots, you can send it to meyaoigames gmail.