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Gameplay: -4 different periods of the day morning, noon, evening and nighteach with different events! Kay A girl that's in the same class as you, bubbly and nice, she always ready to help others. However she's a bit unreliable at times

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How old am I: I am 25
Ethnicity: I'm from New Zealand
My sexual identity: Hetero
Eyes: I’ve got large hazel eyes but I use colored contact lenses
Sex: Woman
In my spare time I love: Hunting

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Are you 18 years of age or older? Remember my setting for this browser. Yes, I am 18 or older or Return to itch. September 05, by SmilingDog 4. Well, this is it haha, Nano-control is fully done and tweaked.

Smilingdog - nano-control - version update

Hopefully there won't be any serious issues left! Thanks for all the support guys!

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I'll be working on new stuff now that you can check ou Continue reading. Also free comic!

Nano-control [v]

March 22, by SmilingDog 1. Nano-control v0. Here we are, Pet Play edition. For this release, not too much added, mostly bug fixes haha. We do have a morning BJ scene for Elaine, where there's a chance February 15, by SmilingDog. Heya guys!


I got v0. This release should have most of the bugs all of you reported fixed and squashed haha.

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Let me know if anything doesn't work yeah! January 19, by SmilingDog 1.

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Hey guys, sorry for the late of updates here lately, been busy as heck! For this version we have a bunch of stuff added, I've been bit busy with preparing stuff for the other games as well, so there a November 24, by SmilingDog game release, game update. Hey all! Sorry for the late update, seems like something went wrong on my end. Thanks Speedy for pointing it out! I got the newest public version for the game out! Do take a look if you have the ti August 18, by SmilingDog 1. Heya guys, the public release of Nano-control v0.

It's a pretty fun and relatively big update, you'll be able to unlock and mansion where you will be able to invite people o June 17, by SmilingDog news, update. Heya guys, sorry for the late update, had to deal with some stuff in real life, but things are more stable now, so I'll get back to work! First up would be something importantthere is apparently a June 17, by SmilingDog update, game release.

Got a new update up, sorry about the delay, got a new PC and realised that some of my files were missing haha. I got the game up and ready for download!

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You can check out the change April 20, by SmilingDog news. Hey guys! Just wanted to let you guys know that we have a bunch of new stuff going on right now! We have a comic strip about some characters for the game, a new game coming out soon, and also the pol March 15, by SmilingDog game update, news, update. Hope you guys are doing well! As promised, here's the public release for Nano-control v0. Here's what's in the new version: v0.


January 18, by SmilingDog game release, news. I got a new version of the game up! So do take a look if you have the time! You can check it out here! November 12, by SmilingDog update, game release, news.

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I recently updated the game, there are a couple of new content in it including new sprites for some of the NPCs! You can about it in my Patreon post if you haven't already!

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Hope yo September 29, by SmilingDog update, news, game release. I got the latest version of the game updated! I added a few QoL improvements this time round and hopefully you all will like them! August 17, by SmilingDog update. Well technically we broke last month, but I didn't want to jump the gun, but yeap! Nano-control has officially been worked on for a year now. July 14, by SmilingDog news, updates, game release. Hope you all will like it! Not too much this time round though, but there are still quite a few announcements!

So do take some time to read them yeah! June 09, by SmilingDog update, release. Another month another release!

Smilingdog - nano-control - version update

The full change-log can be found here! You can follow my for May 12, by SmilingDog release, update.

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You can read and download the update and changelog here as well! We also have a poll that would likely affect the April 07, by SmilingDog 1.


This release has the questlog that a lot of you were requesting! This should make keeping track of events and quest a deal easier now! The full April 02, by SmilingDog update, poll. Hey guys, v0. We have some new scenes as well as a questlog implemented in the game!

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In the mean time we have a poll set up to answer the age old March 10, by SmilingDog 1. Hey guys, got a new version of the game out for both Windows and Android out!

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The changelog and download links can be found here! Also got a discord server set up so that February 27, by SmilingDog 1. After they have given me their feedback, the public version will be out the week after! Polling for content in next version! February 11, by SmilingDog poll.

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Still kinda new to the site so I'm not sure how this normally goes, but anyway, have a poll up on what to focus on for the next version, the "must do" stuff are pretty much fixed, but I prob