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There are many interactions in the game where you are given 2 or 3 conversational choices, and depending on which you choose, the character interaction will vary. In broad terms, you need to date several women. You have to develop relationships, buy them gifts, and take them on dates which is where the matching, Candy Crush style games come inand eventually, fuck their brains out. Your goal is to collect vaginal juices, to use on a demon who has imprisoned a goddess.

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I like: In my spare time I love fishkeeping

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Hmm, PussySaga! Porn games are great. They are a lot more engaging than standard porn, and with a good story, you can really start to feel for the characters and get invested more emotionally than you ever could just watching porno. There are plenty of downsides to porn games as well. First, the great majority of porn games suck ass.

Having to download the shit is a pain also. Best of all, Pussysaga is played entirely in the browser. No downloading, no registration, none of that other bullshit. Just go to pussysaga. Of course, not everything can be milk and honey. Pussysaga is a great game, but after a couple of hours, you will find that you need to start investing some cash to really get to the sexy parts.

A story for the ages… The story is simple. One day, a fairy with huge fucking titties comes out of nowhere and asks for your help. Your mission? To collect pussy juice from a bunch of different bitches. The reason? Apparently, the devil is ass-fucking the shit out of some goddess for all of eternity, and the only thing that can stop him is a bottle of grade-A premium pussy juice. The pussysage game part about this game is pussysage game getting a bitch wet and ready to fuck is all about solving some puzzle games. This is a standard three-in-a-row where you need to move icons around to line up three in a row, after which the icons will disappear.

Keep destroying these icons to fill up the pussy bar next to you, and eventually, you win. Other than the puzzle game, most of the game is a pretty standard dating simulator. You go from screen to screen, choosing dialogue options that you think will get the bitch wet and have a nice life dedicated to getting poon.

God, I wish my real world was like that, instead of being chained to some goddamn office desk with a fucking asshole boss…fucking…ahem. A big pussy-filled world to explore The game centers around you taking various cartoon bitches on dates.

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All the ladies are well-drawn and have unique looks and personalities. The game forces you to take things gradually. On the first date, if you do a good job, you might get rewarded with a wet T-shirt photo or two. I also want to say that in addition to the art, the music and overall presentation is really good. This game is good enough that they could sell it which, in a way, they do through microtransactions. All pussysage game bitches come with voice sound effects, and the art remains fresh and varied. As the hero, you will need money.

Money is used for taking girls on dates and buying them shit. You also need to be an active and adventurous man. This means going to all the different locations in the game, and doing different activities. All of these things will unlock new bitches for you to try to fuck, and there are a lot. Another interesting part of the game is that you can run a business. Business is a source of steady income and introduces the concept of investment and shit like that.

In the end game, you will need a ton of money, and having a business empire is your best bet. This is where the microtransactions come in. What I Pussysage game Pussysaga is a genuine professional-grade porno game.

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This really brings me back to the 90s when I was rocking those hentai dating sims like Seasons of Sakura and Maid Story. There is a ton of content.

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I played a couple of hours and I think I only scratched the surface. There are a ton of locations, stats to upgrade, bitches to meet, and a lot more. I really wonder if an ending even exists in this game. Just how much pussy juice does that motherfucker need? I prefer the puzzles, personally- at least those are mentally stimulating. What I Hate The game is manipulative.

Pussy saga -

It is absolutely deed to suck you in, get you addicted, and then put you in a place where you get really fucking tempted to spend some cash. This is the type of situation you can get in with Pussysaga. Easy on the greed!

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The pussysage game should also consider an option of buying a version of the game that gives you lots of money, energy, and everything else so you can just play it like a normal game. Also, the game is only available on Android for mobile.

If you have an Apple phone, just fap on your desktop computer my friend cause you are straight outta luck. Final Fantasy Pussy Fun game! In the long run, you can find yourself dumping a lot of cash into Pussy Saga, especially if you want to see all the pussies.

Nutaku hit a home run with Pussysaga, and I have no doubt they are making a pretty penny. Open Pussy Saga. Pussy Saga Engaging and polished gameplay Great professional quality art Fun atmosphere The game requires Flash player, no HTML5 support Copies a lot of another game Huniepop After a couple hours the game slows down unless you spend money.

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