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Super Seducer 3 is the follow-up to the super massive hit game Super Seducer 2 which was the follow-up to the hit game Super Seducer. Richard and his friends on a brand new seduction adventure. If you have issues with payments help Gamesplanet.

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Free to play. Submition needs to be reviewed before it it will show on the game's web! The Last Weekend already done. Next step check the bugs and go to translate.

Why she go to the attic? We have already told you that you can play the game as different player in various ways.

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We decided to go further and made multiple storylines for every leading character. For instance, if you can't complete any of the tasks another character can do it for you, so as a result the course of events goes the other way round. Guess how many endings we got for you! Ten endings. One good and one bad for each of the four players and one ending for each couple. The endings will also be different depending on a of survivors.

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Thats quite obvious because different people always act differently. Of course, the main story stays the same, the mini-games cant affect it much, but the ending completely depends on your actions. Theres one interesting twist about that rescuing one of the characters gets you to the happy ending faster, so you kind of shorten the game. Stay alone and youll get to the other happy ending. Quite rough but at least its just a game .

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Today we are going to have a little talk about our working process. We have already told you about the way that idea can travel before it turns into reality. Today we tell you about the very beginning of the work at it. How do you think the games like this are made?

Where does it all begin?

The last weekend. (v , 18+)

No, not with the summary but with the idea. We say something like that: let it be a quest horror game. Only after that we think of setting and characters, then we discuss an approximate plot. After that the writer starts his work. The scenario is not often written from the beginning to the end at once.

It is just inefficient. It takes much time to create the story as you write it.

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And if other members of the team do not like it — you would have to rewrite a lot. We usually work this way: first comes synopsis — the description of the story, all characters and their actions, but no dialogues or concrete quests.

And only after the team agrees to this synopsis, the writer can start working with the details. What do you think the scenario includes?

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Absolutely everything. All the dialogues, all the personality characterization, the location descriptions, all quests and puzzles, and all the precise story line for each cut-in clip.

So how big the scenario can be? The bigger the game the bigger it is. This time we had a thirty-five thousand words text. That's massive! It is so, just because our writer had to make four scenarios instead of one.

The last weekend gameplay (uncensored) no block scene come watch it before youtube delete it , omg !!!!!.

Four personal stories for each character. That how it comes to be so big.

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And if other members of the team do not like it you would have to rewrite a lot. We usually work this way: first comes synopsis the description of the story, all characters and their actions, but no dialogues or concrete quests. Last time we were talking about how much work the writer does.

Play the last weekend

Today we unveil one more secret to you: on the way from the beginning of the work with the scenario to its end the leading characters may change completely. Don't be surprised. It doesn't mean that the writer never knows his own mind and acts by touch. The thing is that you can completely grasp the nature of the character and bring it out only during the description of its actions.

So it happens that you think of one character and you get another one in the end.

That is what happened to Anthony. According to the plot, he goes into sports, he is a powerful young man. It would seem logical that he should act using his physical skills and solve all the problems radically. But the further we went with his storyline the more we knew that he was a totally different character.

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It turned out to be the completely opposite situation with Paul. He is an IT guy; he works with his mind, not hands.

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But he is the one who rushed to the attack. And Sofia was the most interesting twist. First, she was a short unattractive girl wearing glasses then she became a well-shaped handsome lady with strong eyes and a couple of original pigtails. In spite of his physical strength he doesnt want to handle anything, he feels much more comfortable stepping aside so that troubles would stay out of his sight.

Last time I showed you that the sidequests are going to be different for every character. So basically you already know the answer to the title question.

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There is much more difference and I'am going to tell you about it. The main reason is that playing the game through you will see just a quarter of it. Every player finds his own way to the final. But anyway, we did create a lot of unique scenes for everyone.

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Some of them are permanent some of them are not. The point is that playing as different characters helps you understand their motives and personalities better; it will help you to see hidden meanings of their actions. For example, while playing as Paul you will have to do some favors for Rita. It may seem usual, but when you play as Rita you will see the reason she asked him to do it.

It means that when you have played it as every character you would see the whole picture. You already know that one of the game's characters has chosen to become Death.

But a black cloak with a hood or a large scythe was never taken. The Death in my game always looks different and today I'am going to tell you about it. The faces of Death in «The Last Weekend» appear in a consistent logical pattern. It's not very obvious and doesn't affect the plot but you are sure to know about it.

The form that Death takes depends on the character it comes to.

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For instance, imagine a young man who cares about his appearance a lot. He wears trendy clothes and goes to barbershops and beauty salons. How do you think the Death would look like when it comes to him?